School’s Out, Sport’s In!

ENDLESS HOURS IN FRONT OF the television or whole afternoons glued to a smartphone: these are some ways that students around the world fill their after-school time. But that needn’t always be the case: with the Sports Hub Netball Academy held in partnership with Singapore Netball Academy Afterschool Netball programme, players aged seven to 12 will be able to pick up the basics of this popular sport, while reaping the myriad benefits of sport at the same time.

Designed for players of all proficiency levels, the programme comprises weekly classes that focus on the basics of netball, as well as must-have skills like agility and team play. It is especially beneficial for players whose schools do not offer netball or who want to improve their skills.

The programme follows the school calendar and the year is divided into 4 terms. Registration is for one term, followed by quarterly renewals. Players can join at any time unless the registration is closed. As an added benefit, players will also be invited to participate in carnivals, leagues and friendly games. This deepens and sustains their interest in the sport, says Ms Noreen Azli, who grew up playing netball herself.


The 38-year-old homemaker is a lifelong netball enthusiast and has shared this passion with her two daughters, Marsya Nayli, 12, and Sarah Naimah, 5. “I used to play netball from my secondary school days and my girls played it when they were growing up,” she shares. “Sport really builds character and team sports go one step further, by teaching young ones about the importance of sharing.”

Talking to her daughters, it’s clear that these values have sunk in. Asked about her favourite aspect of her weekly netball game, Marsya is quick to reply, saying, “I can be with my team and bond with them. The game has taught me a lot about teamwork.” Her sister also shares her fondness for teamwork and camaraderie, adding that she enjoys the time she spends with her friends on the court.

As part of the continual assessment of risks at our various facilities, we have implemented additional precautionary measures, in line with government advisories and guidelines, to ensure a safe environment for the public to keep fit and stay healthy.

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